Chara-Rimpa Background at a glance

Chara-Rimpa Background The first Chara-Rimpa project was created in the spring of 2013 when kindergarten school director, Cho Kuwakado sought to create an art-focused event that would bring together students, teachers and community to celebrate the Lumbini Kindergarten’s 150 year anniversary. Dr. Yasuyuki Sakura, an established artist and alumna of the school, designed a process…

Mural Making

Mural making: the unique « Chara-Rimpa » process The artistic process is based on the Japanese principle of « Chara-Rimpa »: « Chara » is an abbreviation of the word « character, » and “Rimpa” is the name of a Japanese art school from the 17th century. The innovative method developed by the Chara-Rimpa team allows even the youngest participants (4-5 years) not to simply color…

Creating the Mural for Houille Blanche

  In June, when the Chara-Rimpa team is on-site, adult participants will use tape to divide the mural space into sections, and to delineate the shapes of the design. They will also add the initial feature of the mural: eyes, around which the children will create their characters. Children will be given tape and shown how to create…

Activities of the project & Participants

Activities:  Planning: Design and preparation by distance  Mural making on-site  Art workshops on-site  Follow-up: Project exhibition Participants:  Students (Maternelle – CM2)  Teachers  Volunteers from the school and extended community  

Previous Successes

Please visit the website of Chara Rimpa for a complete collection of the Projects mentioned. Kushiro, Hokkaido, Japan     Mexico City, Mexico     Care Town, NAGATO Burney, California, USA