Mural Making

Mural making: the unique « Chara-Rimpa » process

The artistic process is based on the Japanese principle of « Chara-Rimpa »: « Chara » is an abbreviation of the word « character, » and “Rimpa” is the name of a Japanese art school from the 17th century. The innovative method developed by the Chara-Rimpa team allows even the youngest participants (4-5 years) not to simply color in a mural, but to actually create the original characters that populate it. The first stage of the process involves design at a distance and planning. In careful consideration of the features of the mural location, the culture and interests of the school community, Chara-Rimpa works in Japan to create an initial outline for the design. The planning group has provided precise measurements and photos of the mural site, and since February, has been communicating with Chara-Rimpa about the themes or ideas that are important to the school. Based on this interaction, the team has developed initial designs which establish the shape and structure of the artwork.




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